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Experience Qi Gong Movement:

Qigong Movement Classes
Every Wednesday, 5pm - 6pm at the Berkeley YMCA
Every Sunday, 9:30am - 10:30am at Bridges Rock Climbing Gym
Every Wednesday, 9am - 10am at Bridges Rock Climbing Gym


Parenting from the Heart:
An Introduction to Non-Violent Communication
Do you long to parent with deep compassion, care and empowerment for yourself and for your children? Do you wish to avoid "power struggles", and instead increase your awareness and choice about your reactions to your children?
This lively workshop will explore the basic principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a language and consciousness of compassion that can dramatically improve all of our relationships.
Led by Willow at BirthWays in North Berkeley

$35 per person
Register: www.nvc.eventbrite.com
Empathy Practice Group
Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a language and consciousness of compassion that can dramatically improve all of our relationships. In this Beginner's Empathy Practice Group, we will develop our ability to listen and respond empathetically to others through dialogue, role play, and learning exercises.
A basic understanding of NVC is all that is needed to attend. The intention for this circle is one of safety and compassion. Please join us!
Donation request of $20 - $40
Willow’s relationships with friends, family, and with herself, have dramatically improved since she discovered NVC. She has been studying NVC for over 6 years, and has completed the Committed Nonviolent Communication Practitioner Program. After numerous trainings, Willow's son still serves as her greatest teacher.

Birthing & Beyond:

Intro to Diaper Free Babies
Also called "elimination communication" or "natural infant hygiene," infant potty training is the practice of introducing your baby to the potty at a very young age - usually between birth and 6 months (although later starts work great, too!). Learn how this fun and gentle approach, even practiced just part-time, can increase the parent-child bond, make your child more comfortable, and save the environment all at the same time.

Led by Willow Lune, CMQ. Willow is a mama, healer, and spiritual seeker. Her son was "Diaper Free" from birth.
Classes held at BirthWays in North Berkeley
Register: www.diaperfree.eventbrite.com

I am also available for private and group classes at other locations.
The Birth Circle
Learn simple yet powerful relaxation techniques and self-acupressure to provide comfort and energy during pregnancy, pain relief during childbirth, and a healthy recovery after birth. Experience Acutonics Sound Healing to soothe your soul, and hear from community birthing experts on various prenatal/postpartum topics. Bring any and all questions or concerns to this supportive healing circle! Pregnant mamas, babies, and partners welcome. And if you are trying to conceive, you are welcome, too!