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Elimination Communication: Woman Teaching Moms How to Go Diaper-Free

From News 10 (ABC) - Sacramento, September, 2009
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Energetic Healer, Educator Takes On Women’s Health Issues

From Bay Area Business Woman, January, 2007

After spending years with chronic pain and illness, and shuffling through every form of doctor and specialists conceivable (both conventional and alternative), Willow Lune found no relief. She had consigned herself to a life of pain and discomfort; that is, until the day she discovered Qigong.

Willow Lune

"I happened upon a Qigong class almost by accident," states Lune. "I was skeptical and did not plan on coming back, until I began seeing dramatic changes in my health over the next few days."

That was over ten years ago. Today, Lune is not only healthy and happy; she teaches people how to find the same empowerment in their own lives.

In order to gain a better understanding of ancient healing techniques, Lune’s studies led her from the Northwest U.S. to Asia, and finally the Bay Area, where she became one of the first students to complete the Medical Qigong Certification at the Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley.

"I’m so impressed at how quickly Willow has applied her learning to become such a successful Medical Qigong practitioner. She is a wonderful example for future students to follow," says program coordinator Nellie Wilson.

With a private practice in Berkeley, Lune treats patients using Medical Qigong (a form of Chinese energy healing), and Acutonics Sound Healing (a treatment similar to acupuncture). She focuses on women’s health issues, including pregnancy, menopause, and anxiety.

Lune also regularly holds group Qigong and other self-healing workshops in the East Bay, demonstrating simple techniques that everyone can do at home to reduce stress and restore health.

Lune strives to help others discover their internal healing potential, and find empowerment through self-healing. "The most powerful form of medicine is self-care," states Lune. "I help people find the tools they need to find the most healing."