:: Empowerment Through Self–Healing ::

:: Testimonials ::

"I cannot say enough for the benefits and healing I have received from Willow Lune. I have experienced chronic pain for much of my life. To manage pain, I have tried physical therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, rolfing, chiropractics, and other forms of treatment. With these I experienced varying degrees of short term relief. Through Acutonics and the practice of qi gong, I am sustaining a level of health with less pain and more hope in my potential to fully heal. Willow, thank you! :)"- Thomas Edgerton -

"My class each week with Willow doing Qi gong is a re-connect for my being. It helps bring me back into a unified sense of self, blending the physical, mental, and universal."-Valenta de Regil-

"After attending my first Birthing Circle Class by Willow, I was so excited by everything I learned that I pleaded my husband to join for the next meeting. Even though we had finished taking a Birthing class, Breast Feeding class, Newborn care and Infant CPR class we learned so much from Willow."-M & J Johnston-

"I find Willow’s Acutonics treatments more relaxing than a massage!"-Marissa LaMagna-

"I had been suffering from chronic pain, muscle loss, and nerve damage for years. After my first treatment with Willow, I immediately felt better. The tuning forks worked like magic. After several treatments, I am able to bend, and now wake up pain free. For the first time in years, I feel like dancing!"-Ellen P -

"Willow’s chi kung class has helped me tremendously. Due to an old injury, I was able to stand for only five minutes before getting tired. After doing chi kung for a little more than a year, I can stand for an hour without fatigue. Willow makes class very fun and entertaining. I love listening to her teach and enjoy learning about which exercises and acupressure points help different parts of my body. I find doing chi kung helps me more than a massage. It gives me a much longer lasting feeling of contentment, balance, and well-being. I highly recommend her as a teacher."-EMS, Berkeley-

"Before I worked with Willow, I experienced severe anxiety and panic attacks for as long as I could remember. I was skeptical about energy work, but decided to give this a try. During my first medical qigong session, I cried and cried while on the table. I did not know what I was crying about, but I could feel the tension just leaving my body. In the weeks that followed, I noticed marked improvement in my everyday life. I can truly say that my anxiety is under control, and my faith in leading a "normal" life has been restored."-name withheld by request-

"I always feel especially safe and nurtured working with Willow. I believe that she has helped me greatly through Medical Qigong and Acutonics."-Laura W.-

"I took one of Willow’s classes and was very impressed by the teaching level. Her class had the depth you could expect (and often not find) in a teacher with 30+ years of experience."-name withheld by request-